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We sell box lots, antiques, household goods.....we sell it all so that you don't have a thing to worry about.

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Car Auction

A Lamboghini, 2 Jaguars, and a few other classics. We had people call from all over the world for this auction.

John Pfeiffer, Jr.

Auctioneer / Appraiser

Recent Auctions

We are a family run business.   People who attend our sales love the "family" atmosphere.  We have 2 Auctioneers and 2 apprentice auctioneers on staff.....and in the family!

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Rare Phonogragh Auction

We were honored to sell a rare phonograph collection from out of the area.  The Holiday Inn was a perfect venue for  the auction and our guests that come in from all over the United States.  

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Anything from books, furniture, antiques, rare collectables, musical items, business liquidations, vintage linens, dolls, name it we can sell it...............even the kitchen sink!



Specializing in estate and divorce appraisals.  We will work for you and / or your attorney.

We are accredited appraisers.

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Serving Eastern Pennsylvania

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for our customers. We respect and and honor that we are auctioning your items, and many emotions might be attached to that process.  We will not rush you into making a decision but we will educate you on the auction process to help you make the most educated decision.

​                                    John Pfeiffer, Jr.

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